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BCA Autumn Convention 2010: Report

On Saturday 26th September 2010, the British cichlid association invited the UK’s cichlid keepers to join them for the Autumn Convention; this event was held for the second year running at Lodge park social club in Reddich near Birmingham as it is a central location for most of the country, this event was once again considered a great success and wonderful day out for all involved.

The day started with the Annual general meeting which is a group meeting between the BCA committee and membership and was a active, informal and very positive chat between members, several points were raised and voted upon and the future of the BCA looks increasingly bright!! A new committee was voted into place and the following people are now in charge of the future of the BCA.
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Heros nigrofasciatus, the convict cichlid in search of a name.

Heros nigrofasciatus, the convict cichlid in search of a name.

by Willem Heijns

It is the year 1869 and in the Transactions of the Zoological Society of London Dr. Albert Günther publishes an account of the fishes collected in the preceding ten years by Capt. John Dow and two ornithologists, Frederick Godman and Osbert Salvin on their travels through Central America. Albert Günther  was stationed at The British Museum (Natural History) and had just finished his masterpiece: The Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum. A monumental work, containing many original descriptions of cichlid species, but that is another story.

John Dow was captain of the steamer vessel ‘Guatemala’, owned by the Panama Railway Company. Frederick Godman and Osbert Salvin had visited Guatemala on several occasions, primarily to study the bird fauna, but as suggested to them by Günther, they also collected fishes. Their collection ended up holding well over 1,500 fish specimens, many of them belonging to new species and as curator of the Museum Günther must have loved it.

Well before the account was published Günther had called the attention of the Zoological Society to this collection. On 22nd March, 1864 and on 13th December, 1866 he presented to the members of the Society reports on the collection as it stood at that moment. On the second occasion he showed a number of seafish from the coasts of Panamá (both Carribean and Pacific) and also some newly discovered cichlids. One of those species Günther had  named Heros nigrofasciatus, the subject of this article. His description (reprinted here in full) may be characterized as rather brief, it appeared in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London in early 1867 on page 601.

Günther’s description of Heros nigrofasciatus, brief would be one way of describing the naming of this new species.


A fierce and fearless Central American dwarf cichlid, Neetroplus nematopus Günther, 1867

A fierce and fearless Central American dwarf cichlid, Neetroplus nematopus Günther, 1867

by Chris Meachen

Several authors have attempted to coin common names for these fish, examples include ‘Poor man’s Tropheus’ (a reference to the similarity in appearance when compared with members of the Tanganyikan genus Tropheus), and ‘Pygmy green-eyed cichlid’ (although the eyes don’t appear to be green). These days most aquarists, however, simply refer to them as ‘Neets’.

An adult Neetroplus nematopus displaying an impressive set of teeth, ideal for their natural diet of grazing aufwuchs from the rocks in their natural habitat, a process that can also be replicated in our aquaria. Photo by W Heijns.


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