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The British Cichlid Association was formed by a group of cichlid enthusiasts at the beginning of the 1970’s to encourage the keeping and breeding of cichlid fishes as a hobby. Over the intervening years it has come to be recognised by enthusiasts at home and abroad as a valuable source of support and information. Our members range from beginners to expert aquarists and ichthyologists; whatever your level of expertise, we encourage active participation, and, through our publications, website, and events, offer support and encouragement to all cichlid-keepers, everywhere.


Every member receives a bi-monthly package of publications by mail, comprising a copy of our journal Cichlidae and a Newsletter.

Cichlidae is printed in A5 format, illustrated in colour, and contains articles on cichlids, including reports on trips to cichlid habitats as well as in-depth studies of groups, genera, and species, covering every aspect of their care and breeding. Contributors include not only members of the BCA but also scientists and noted cichlid specialists from all over the world. Cichlidae also includes taxonomic updates and reviews of new books, scientific papers, and other relevant literature and electronic material.

In the past the BCA also published regular Information Pamphlets providing full details of individual species of cichlid or covering topics relevant to cichlid maintenance. At present these pamphlets are being revised, and will be made available in due course. The new edition will be in A5 format and illustrated in colour, and will build into a valuable reference library.


The BCA holds two events each year, the Spring Convention (March/April) and the AGM and Autumn Convention (October). These are rotated around the country to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Both events feature presentations by top quality guest speakers, and have included such noted cichlid experts as Ad Konings, Paul Loiselle, Uwe Rőmer, Anton Lamboj, and our own Mary Bailey. Speakers are selected to cover the various geographical groups of cichlids in turn, so there is something for everyone. Each event also includes an auction of fish, plants, and equipment, and the fish sold often include specimen fish and unusual species not readily available, plus good quality young cichlids.


BCA Sales stocks quality books on cichlids, catfishes, and related topics, offering something for everyone, from beginner to specialist. Videos, CDs, DVDs, and other cichlid-related items are also available. A Sales list is published regularly, and we will also try to obtain books, etc not on the list. All goods are available by mail order (post-free to members), and at events (BCA and other) attended by the Sales stand. BCA Sales also features on our website.


Our website at www.britishcichlid.org.uk is open to both members and non-members (a member-only area is being implemented), and features details of BCA activities, a discussion forum, a problem-solving service, BCA Sales, and much more. The website and the services it offers are being constantly expanded in line with increasing interest in the Internet as a source of information for aquarists.


We are here to help! If you have a query or problem our team of experts will do their best to help you. This service is available both on the website and by phone/mail.


Then please download, complete and return the form below to join! We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the BCA.

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It is also possible to pay for your membership electronically (PayPal), until the sales functionality of this new site is complete, please contact the Membership Secretary for further details regarding this payment method.

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