The Committee

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The following pages provide you with the opportunity to meet the current committee.

The committee is elected annually at the Autumn convention and are here to work on your behalf, they are all dedicated aquarists and for a few the hobby could probably be better classed as an obsession!

If you have any questions, the individual committee members can be contacted using the 'contact' section just below this one on the website. Remember, the committee work on your behalf so if you have a burning desire to see something happen with the BCA, contact us!

Pictured above (at the BIDKA show 2009, Haydock Park) are a few of the 2009/2010 committee. Facing from left to right, Mark Breeze (Sales Officer), Andrew Wood (Cichlidae Editor) & Ste Chester (Publicity Officer).

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Are you a member of the BCA?

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Where do you live?